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About Us

The Ukrainian company “TerPolimerGas” began to produce the thermistor and butt fittings for the plastic pipeline in November 30, 2007. Manufacturing and wholesale the products for the assembling and building the plastic gas and water pipelines, where the electrofusion and butt-welding are combined are main activity direction.

The products of the company “TerPolymerGas” are one of the best products in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Russia, because of modern production, full technical support, wide assortment, quality, reliability, efficiency, and price.

Nowadays the company has reached considerable successes in modernization of manufacture and in creation of modern laboratory that helps in working innovative technologies and controlling the products. The factory for the production of electrofusion fittings was equipped with the fitments of leading world companies such as Arburg, Battenfeld (Germany), and Billion (France).

“TerPolymerGas” guarantees the quality of products and full correspondence with the European standards that is proved by the laboratory researches.

The usage of modern equipment for the monitoring manufacturing phases helps to reach the products quality. All materials that are accepted to the factory storage pass the input control. The production uses the high-quality raw stuff and components such as polyethylene (brand PE 100 from well-known manufactures), spirals heating elements of electrofusion details (alloy of copper, chrome, and nickel).

Each produced part of products have passed obligatory control for suitability according to the technical documentation requirements. The elected samples pass the whole range of tests for suitability (acceptance, periodicals, certification, and qualification tests for conformity with the physical and mechanical quality and endurance to the hydraulic loads) before they reach the consumer. The warranty period of wares is 50 years if the assembling was according to the rules. The company “TerPolymerGas” provides service, which includes such works as:

  • informational and technical support,
  • the warranty and after warranty service of welding machines,
  • the specialist coming, if necessary.

We thank our partners for long and effectiveness cooperation. We sincerely invite potential customers to visit our manufacturing and laboratory and we assure that our products satisfy all your requirements.