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Auxiliary Equipment

Hand Scraper

Used to remove the oxide layer from the polyethylene pipes made of PE-VP and pipe fittings which can not be treated with devices for removing the oxide layer, and also for removing burrs and chamfers from the cut edge of the pipes.

White marker

A marker on a permanent basis for making marks on a polyethylene pipe. The thickness of the line is 2 mm. The color is white.  

Belt positioner

It is used for fixing polymer pipes before welding with the help of shaped parts with embedded heating elements. Working surface Ø 32-315 mm.

Pipe vise, model 460-12

Pipe vise are equipped with an integrated grounding protrusion which provides a conductive surface by grounding during welding. Working surface Ø 20-315 mm.

Device for removing oxide layer from polyethylene pipes

The device is designed to remove the oxide layer from polyethylene pipes before thermistor welding.

Chamfering device

Professional tool for chamfering from the ends of plastic pipes intended for thermoresistive welding.

Scissors with ratchet Ridgid

Cut materials: Polyethylene, PVC, CPVC, and Polypropylene. The cutting operation "without burrs" provides a cut at a right angle. Working surface Ø 12-63 mm.

Pipe cutter for PE pipes Ridgid

Pipe cutter for PE pipes. The set includes spare cutting rollers for the maximum duration of work in good condition. Working surface Ø 50-110 mm.

Pipe cutter Exact 360E System

The maximum thickness of the pipe walls is 43 mm Voltage 220 V, power 1750 W, weight 14.5 kg. Working surface Ø 75-355 mm.