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Polyethylene film

The company "ChempLastPack" is actively engaged in the production and distribution of polyethylene film of various types and finished products from it. You can always order material in rolls, as well as sleeves, sacks, and bags. We offer high-quality products, characterized by a wide range of applications. Importantly, the company "ChempLastPack" is developing constantly.

The main types of film marketed:   
shrink, technical, etc.

  • Polyolefin shrink film. This product is used for various products packaging. It has low specific strength, low moisture and air permeability, appealing aesthetics and is safe.
  • Perforated shrink film. This product is supplied in rolls and used for packing long-length products. The film prevents air bubbles formation and seam divergence.
  • Greenhouse polyethylene film. This product is available in rolls and used to create greenhouses, cover cesspools, etc. This film is characterized by optimal resistance to moisture, steam, temperature drops and other aggressive environmental influences.
  • Technical polyethylene film. This shrink polyethylene material is used for packing, transportation, and storage of heavy loads. The product is supplied in rolls and characterized by good tear resistance.
  • LDPE films. The presented products of our own manufacture is distinguished by an optimal alignment of operational characteristics. With this proposed material supplied in rolls various goods can be packed. In addition, we offer a film in the form of sleeves, sacks, and bags.

Main advantages  
of the proposed polyethylene film


High strength

Of shrink polyethylene film or any other kind of film. You can use it to pack even the heaviest products.



Prices for film are relatively low. Flexible packaging and other products of this kind remain more affordable than its counterparts made from cardboard and other materials. You can order shrink film and other products from the manufacturer even within a limited budget.


Easy to use

The film winding can be performed not only manually, but also using modern equipment. We will recommend the suitable one.



Polyethylene products supplied in rolls are able to cope with any task. We are the ones carrying out its production, and we are ready to guarantee that the material characteristics declared correspond to the real ones. Using heat shrink rolls, you will protect the goods from rain, wind, temperature changes. Products wrapped in a polyethylene film can even be subjected to freezing and thawing. In addition, when using the polyethylene films you verify products safety .


Appealing aesthetics

You can buy not only transparent films, but also colored products supplied in rolls.