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Product Marking

The original products of "TerPolimerGas" produced at the plant in Ternopil (Ukraine) have the following features distinguishing them from other manufacturers.

  • Date of manufacture - the arrow indicates a month. Figures on both sides of the arrow - the last two digits of the year of production.
  • Pin contact, Ø 4 mm.
  • Plate - name, diameter, material, SDR.
  • Welding indicator - helps to assess that the welding process was successful visually.
  • Logo of the manufacturer "TerPolimerGas".
  • The embedded heating element - the wire in the "TerPolimerGas" fittings is always covered with PE, to prevent any damage during the installation on the pipe.
  • The label contains the following information:  

    Upper barcode - information for the welding machine with the scanner: type, diameter of the fitting, welding time / cooling hour, voltage (there is always 39.5 volts) for welding, SDR pipe.

    Bottom barcode - code for backtracking  
    (Traceability) - This is a data for welding machines with the possibility of logging. It contains information regarding the date of manufacture and the batch number of the material the fitting was made.